What is new in 2081

What is new in 2081

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- CONTINUE statement added

- REDO statement added

- NOP is now also a BASCOM BASIC statement

- The editor supports jump to implementation : hold CTRL key and hover the mouse over an identifier. When it becomes underlined and blue you can click it with the left mouse key.

 Use CTRL+BACKSPACE to jump back

- when defining a constant named Updateeprom , the eeprom will be updated. which means that the value will only be written when it differs. The value of the constant does not matter.

- config timer1 for tiny 25/45/85 set the wrong register bits.

- the watchdog is disabled as part of the init procedure. it is now disabled BEFORE the optional call to init_micro and not after as in 2079.

- passing string constants with embedded {034} resulted in an extra (unwanted) space.

- accessing passed string array in sub without length info, but with constant index failed.

- crcmb funtion added to help. (checksum for modbus)

- for xmega i2cstop you can define a constant named _TWI_STOP_1 or _TWI_STOP_2 to change the behavior.

- makemodbus() function 1, 2 and 4 added to modbus.lib

- support for xmega added to getrc

- PDF download now also checks/download the BASCOM-AVR manual

- PRINTBIN did not accept a constant for the optional channel : printbin #someconst. Fixed.

- update from within the application simplified. see help.


- printbin raised error while printing multiple variables

- simulator did not show proper hex value for single variables.

- fusing which uses ftoa uses a table which could be loaded on a page boundary. this could lead to rampz problems. fixed.

- crc8UNI added for normal crc8 CCITT

- config clock additional option : highESR=1 to enable high ESR mode in xmega with 32 bit RTC

- FM24C64_256-XMEGA.lib added for xmega. read the lib notes.

- tcpip-w5500.lbx has been updated to support usage from boot space. See $loader

- stk500 board. osc can be set from menu

- using spimove() inside a sub with a parameter for the count, would load the wrong data.

- i2cwbyte would raise an error if a multi dim array was used.

- get/put/seek in AVR-DOS used in combination with $bigstrings would fail for numeric data

- xmega i2cstop has two new optional mode. See help.

- CONFIG SPI has a new option : EXTENDED=1 to have extended data size reading/writing.

- support for rgbW leds added (ws2812 with extra white led)

- CONFIG USI has a new option to support optional pins.