Help Update 2081 IMPROVED

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The manual update process is explained here.

The Help Update is an automated version.


The DEMO version can not be updated.


In order to do a successful update you need the following :

- license validated in the register (

- working internet connection.

- firewall and anti virus software must allow BASCOM to connect to the internet


When you click Help, Update, the following window will be shown:




You need to click the START button to start the actual update process.


When there are unsaved files, you will get an error message :




Your work/project must be saved since as soon the update download is finished, the setup will be executed and BASCOM is closed.


When there are no unsaved files, the current version will be checked.


Checking for update...

Current version :

Latest version :

No newer version found


In this case, there is no newer file and nothing happens. You need to click the CLOSE button to close the Update window. The IDE will not be closed in this case.


If however a newer version exists, it will be downloaded and unzipped in your windows TEMP folder.

After that setup.exe will be executed with admin rights. So you might get a windows security message that setup requires admin rights.

BASCOM will close automatically so the new version can be installed in the same folder.

There is no need to uninstall an older version first.


This setup is the same as you used when you installed the software. But of course the latest version.

You must install into the same folder, but you may also install into a new folder.

When installing into a new folder you must manual install/copy the license file bscavrl.dll into the new folder yourself.

The bscavrl.dll file you get when you purchase bascom. It is either on CD-ROM or in the bascom-avr application folder.