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BASCOM was "invented" in 1995. Many users gave feedback and helped with tips, code, suggestions, support, a user list, and of course with buying the software.

The software improved a lot during the last 25 years and will so during the next decade.


While it is impossible to thank everybody there are some people that deserve credits :



Peter Maroudas. He wrote and tested the FT80x FTDI display support. FT800 support would not exist without him.
Josef Franz Vögel. He wrote a significant part of the libraries in BASCOM-AVR. He is also author of AVR-DOS.


Dr.-Ing. Claus Kuehnel for his book 'AVR RISC' , that helped me a lot when I began to study the AVR chips. Check his website at


Atmel, who gave permission to use the AVR picture in the start up screen. And for the great tech support. Check their website at


Brian Dickens, who did most of the Beta testing. He also checked the documentation on grammar and spelling errors. (he is not responsible for the spelling errors i added later :-) )


Jack Tidwell. I used his FP unit for singles. It is the best one available.