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The options are stored in a file named bascom-avrxxxx.xml

The xxxx represent the version. For example 2083.

When you click Help, About, you can click the XML data link that will show you where the file is stored.


In order to make it possible to use different settings file, you can rename these files.

You can select the actual settings file using this menu option.

When you select this option, the status bar will show the current selected file.

This file will also be loaded when you run bascom.


A File Dialog will open and show all XML files. You need to select a bascom-avr xml file.


You can use this option after you have performed an update. Each update will have its own settings file. That way you can use multiple versions that each have their own settings file.


The following dialog window is shown :




The current option file is show : d:\users\mark\AppData\Roaming\MCS Electronics\bascom-avr2082.xml

This location is also shown when you click the XML data folder link in the Help, About window


At the left you can view all the xml files.

When you select a file, the COPY and SELECT buttons will be enabled.

By using the COPY button you can make a backup of the selected option file.




You must give the file a different name. When the file is created, it will be shown in the list.


When you use the SELECT button, you select the new option file. This is reflected at the CURRENT OPTION FILE value in the top of the window.


The CUSTOM location can be used to store your option file at a custom location. You can enter a file and location or use the button to browse to the file.

You need to click the SELECT CUSTOM button to select this file as the new custom option file.


Click the CLOSE button to close the window.