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Wait until a character is received.




var = WAITKEY()

var = WAITKEY(#channel)





Variable that receives the ASCII value of the serial buffer.


Can be a numeric variable or a string variable.


The channel used for the software UART.


While Inkey() returns a character from the serial buffer too, INKEY() continues when there is no character. Waitkey() waits until there is a character received. This blocks your program.



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'name                     : inkey.bas

'copyright                : (c) 1995-2021, MCS Electronics

'purpose                  : demo: INKEY , WAITKEY

'micro                    : Mega48

'suited for demo          : yes

'commercial addon needed  : no



$regfile = "m48def.dat"                                   ' specify the used micro

$crystal = 4000000                                         ' used crystal frequency

$baud = 19200                                               ' use baud rate

$hwstack = 32                                               ' default use 32 for the hardware stack

$swstack = 10                                               ' default use 10 for the SW stack

$framesize = 40                                             ' default use 40 for the frame space


Dim A As Byte , S As String * 2


 A = Inkey()                                             'get ascii value from serial port

's = Inkey()

If A > 0 Then                                           'we got something

    Print "ASCII code " ; A ; " from serial"

End If

Loop Until A = 27                                           'until ESC is pressed


A = Waitkey()                                             'wait for a key

's = waitkey()

Print Chr(a)


'wait until ESC is pressed


Loop Until Inkey() = 27


'When you need to receive binary data and the bibary value 0 ,

'you can use the IScharwaiting() function.

'This will return 1 when there is a char waiting and 0 if there is no char waiting.

'You can get the char with inkey or waitkey then.