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The I2C_USI library is an alternative I2C master library. It is intended to be used with processors that have an USI interface.

Using the hardware is better since it will use less processor resources.

If a processor has TWI, use the TWI

If a processors has USI, use the USI

If a processor has no hardware I2C, use the default built in software routines.


To use the USI in master mode, use CONFIG USI.




'                   (c) 1995-2021 MCS Electronics
'                     USI-MASTER.bas
' USI used as TWI master demo
$regfile = "attiny2313.dat"
$crystal = 8000000
$hwstack = 40
$swstack = 16
$framesize = 24
$baud = 19200
config usi = twimaster , mode = fast
dim b as byte
i2cwbyte &H40                                             'send slave WRITE address for PCF8574
i2cwbyte &B10101010                                       'send a pattern
i2crepstart                                               'repeated start
i2cwbyte &H41                                             'send slave READ address
i2crbyte b , ack                                         'read a byte
i2crbyte b , nack                                         'and again
i2cstop                                                   'end transaction and free bus
waitms 100                                               'some delay not required only when you print