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Jump to the specified label or address.




GOTO label




Labels can be up to 32 characters long.

When you use duplicate labels, the compiler will give you a warning.


Valid labels

- A valid label ends with a colon (:)

- A valid label starts on the line.

- There is no space between the label name and the colon.


Label:  is a valid label.

Label :  is invalid


Since a colon is also used to separate multiple lines of code, the label must be the only code on the line.

For example :


print "abc" : print "klm"  'these lines are separated by a colon.

abc:  : print "klm"  'this is invalid since the line starts with a label.


Besides using a label you can also specify an address. GOTO &H0000  would jump to the reset vector of the processor.

Because numeric addresses can be specified, it is advised to use non-numerical labels.


Notice that an address in the AVR is a WORD address. AVR instructions are 16 bit wide which means that for each instruction you need at least 2 bytes.

It is best to use label names.





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Dim A As Byte

Start:                   ' a label must end with a colon

= A + 1             ' increment a

If A < 10 Then          ' is it less than 10?

   Goto  Start           ' do it again

End If                     ' close IF

Print   "Ready"   ' that is it