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This page is intended to show the outline of the chip and to provide additional information that might not be clear from the data sheet.





There is a bug in the chip : When you configure the second UART, the timer1 channel B will not work.

This info came from microchip :


Yes, your observation is correct. It is a known device bug. We already

report this bug to our concern team.


This is due to the fact that timer 1 channel B is shared with XCK1 pin

of UART1


Usually this functionality should take priority over timer 1 channel B

only when UART is configured in Synchronous mode but after discussing

with our internal team confirmed that timer 1 channel B is

disconnected based on UART1 activation


No matter even if the UART is configured in Asynchronous mode(in which

case there is no use of XCK1) timer 1 channel B still gets disconnected.


This issue also presents in UART2 XCK2/OC2A.